Hiking on Møn

Experience spectacular nature on Møn's most beautiful hiking routes

Foto: Camønoen

Overnight on the hiking holiday

Tiendegaarden is a good starting point for Møn hikes. On Møn you will find the world-famous Camøno, not to be confused with the Spanish Camino. 178 kilometers long.

Camøno is divided into smaller stages and you can easily choose the ones that suit your walking level. Read more on the official website or visitmøn.dk

Recently opened the award-winning hiking trail: Klintekongens Rige. It is only a 10-minute drive from Tiendegaarden. Klintekongens Rige was voted Europe's best hiking route by the German Hiking Institute. So just pack your walking shoes and experience all that Høje Møn has to offer on this 14 km long walking route.

Overnight at Tiendegaarden and experience Denmark's friendliest hiking route 'Camønoen' or Europe's best hiking route 'Klintekongens Rige'.

Book different types of rooms

  • Camøno-Standard is a double/single room with access to a bath/toilet
  • Camøno-Modern has a bath/toilet in the room - it is not shared with other guests.
  • Camøno-Duo is one of our mini-suites - connected rooms where you have a living room and bedroom and your own bath/toilet, your own entrance and your own kitchenette. Here it is possible to sleep in separate rooms for the night.

The room is ready from 14 on the day of arrival. Departure is no later than 10.

During your booking, you must decide whether you will bring your own linen/towels or rent them at Tiendegaarden. You can also order breakfast in advance, but it is also possible to prepare yourself in the kitchenette. It is always possible to order breakfast "last minute" before 20 the day before.

Regarding dinner, there are several lovely restaurants 5-20 minutes' drive from Tiendegaarden. If ready meals are brought, they can be heated in the microwave. It is not possible to "boil and braise" at Tiendegaarden.

Foto: Frame & Work

Foto: frame & Work

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